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Reserve Information

Request a Course Reserve

Reserves Policies

Placing items on reserve

Faculty may request that books, music CDs, DVDs or VHS be placed on reserve. We cannot place another library’s item on course reserve. If we do not own a title that you would like to put on reserve, please submit a purchase request and we will do our best to purchase the item. Preference will be given to purchasing ebooks or streaming media formats. Please use the online request form above for all Reserve item requests (including media). Faculty may also send a list of titles to Connie Karlen, [email protected].

MCSG Textbooks on Reserve

In collaboration with Macalester College Student Government (MCSG) the library maintains a textbook reserve program which offers limited copies of select textbooks for short term checkout. All textbooks are chosen and purchased by MCSG’s Academic Affairs committee with additional titles purchased twice per year. This highly popular program is just one of the ways students and the library are working to off-set the high cost of textbooks. Search Course Reserves to check what books are on reserve for your courses.

For more information, visit the MCSG Academic Affairs Committee’s Textbook Reserve Program page.


For sharing excerpts and copies of materials via Moodle or other means, Research & Instruction Librarians and Academic Information Associates (AIAs) can help you sort through the various options for resource access, including fair use, and can assist with copyright permissions, as needed.

At Macalester College, faculty and staff are trusted to make their own reasonable and informed choices about fair use. Learn more about Macalester’s Copyright Policy.

Questions About Reserves?

Contact: Connie Karlen
[email protected]