How do Research and Instruction Librarians Support Students & Faculty?

  • Teach research skills to support student learning (library instruction) .
  • Promote and support effective research strategies for teaching, learning and research (Reference and Research help).
  • Create research guides and research strategies for assignments.
  • Assist with digital projects, including digital collections, digitization, and metadata.
  • Consult on data management, copyright, open access, and publishing strategies for research and teaching projects.
  • Assist departments with library collection selections.

Research & Instruction Librarians

  • AaronAaron Albertson
    Social SciencesAnthropology, Economics, Educational Studies, Geography, International Studies, Linguistics, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology

  • Beth Hillemann
    Social SciencesAnthropology, Economics, Education, Geography, International Studies, Linguistics, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology

  • Dave Collins
    Natural Sciences, Mathematics, Computer Science & StatisticsAmerican Studies, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Studies, Geology, Mathematics, Computer Science, Statistics, Physics and Astronomy

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  • Ginny Moran
    Humanities & Fine ArtsArt, Asian Languages and Cultures, Classical Mediterranean and Middle East, Dance, English, French and Francophone Studies, German Studies, Russian Studies, Hispanic Studies, History, Japanese, Media and Cultural Studies, Music, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Theater, Women and Gender Studies

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  • Marina Ito
    Outreach & User Experience
    Develops inclusive and equitable library services for the community, creates and fosters partnerships, and supports campus initiatives and programs. Helps ensure a welcoming environment, supportive research and instruction services, and positive library experiences.