Why International Studies at Macalester?

The International Studies Department is Macalester’s core academic home for transnational study.

We run the oldest (since 1949), broadest, and deepest such program at any private liberal arts college in the world. Whereas “International Studies” at most schools means only that subset of political science called international relations, Macalester’s International Studies draws ideas from across the spectrum: social sciences, humanities, sciences, and fine arts – with our own dedicated courses, taught by faculty trained in a number of disciplines, and a rich range of offerings beyond.

Combining an overarching global perspective with language training, study abroad, and thematic, regional and disciplinary focuses, International Studies is useful preparation for virtually any future endeavor. Our alumni go on to attend the strongest graduate and professional schools in the U.S. and abroad; government and international-organizations work; and directly into business, international development, global health and many other fields. The opportunities are broad; the boundaries all but nonexistent.