Registering Fall Internships for Academic Credit

Despite all the changes we are all navigating, internships can still be a great way to enhance your learning and growth this fall term. If possible, we encourage you to set up internships that can be done remotely as that is the safest, least disruptive way to engage work with an organization. However, you will be allowed to work on-site if you make proper arrangements with Career Exploration in advance. Here is how internship registration will work.

Fall academic internships should be:

  • Registered in the first week of the fall semester, up until the add/drop deadline of September 9 (a slight extensions may be possible)
  • Considered semester-long experiences. You have the full semester to complete the hours required for the internship. You can decide to spread the hours evenly across the entire semester, or work more hours during one of the modules where you have more available time in your schedule.
  • Registered for 1-4 credits, but your credit total for the semester may not exceed 18.

Credits earned and hours required over the course of the full semester: 1 credit > 45 total hours; 2 credits > 75 hours; 3 credits > 105 hours; 4 credits > 140 hours.

Please review the How to Register Your Internship for Academic Credit Guide for additional information.


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