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For Faculty

Career Exploration offers programs, services and appointments in areas convenient to your students. Divisional (social sciences, natural sciences and mathematics, humanities and fine arts) career counselors and trained undergraduate fellows are in your academic spaces, connecting with students and faculty and providing tailored career exploration and preparation.

Services We Offer

In-class activities and discussion

Career Exploration counselors present on a variety of topics including career exploration and job search skill development topics. We work with faculty to tailor offerings to best meet the needs of your class. Presentations range from a brief introduction on our services (5 to 10 minutes) to a full course meeting – or several!

Topics we cover include:

  • Career Exploration overview
  • Self-assessment and reflection
  • Exploring career communities
  • Writing effective materials
  • Professional online presence
  • Networking
  • Informational interviewing
  • Etiquette
  • Interviewing
  • Negotiation
  • Navigating the workplace

Career Counseling for Students

Faculty and staff often refer students directly to career counseling staff. Counselors meet with students individually for single or ongoing appointments to discuss career-related concerns. Topics include but are not limited to: major selection, clarifying skills and interests, academic challenges, job search questions/concerns, graduate school planning. Individuals can also discuss major/career related stress, family concerns, questions about discrimination in the job search/workplace, and financial concerns.

Students can schedule appointments via Handshake. To refer a student directly, please email John Mountain.

Consult on job search, career and employment questions

Been awhile since you searched for a job? Have a student with interests outside your expertise? Not sure how to help a student? Career Exploration can help.

Career Exploration staff are trained to help the huge spectrum of interests and career aspirations of Macalester students and alumni. You are welcome to consult with individual Career Exploration staff directly, or email John Mountain to discuss your needs.

Collaborate on field-specific or major-related events

Career Exploration collaborates with diverse campus departments and student organizations to offer career exploration and planning events. Please contact John Mountain to inquire on collaborations.