Make decisions in a world of scarcity

Think like an economist to better understand human behavior and the complex and interconnected world we live in

Why is per capita income more than two times higher in the U.S. than in Russia and eight times higher than in India? How is technology transforming markets for taxi service, hotel rooms, music, and the many other goods and services we consume? Why is climate change such a vexing problem and how can public policy address it?

Study economics at Macalester and develop the analytical and quantitative skills to answer these pressing questions.

Why Macalester?

Gain a global perspective. Almost half of our economics majors are international students. When you’re discussing currency valuation in China, sustainable development in the Serengeti, finance in Dubai, or inflation in Argentina, chances are you’re in class with someone who’s seen it firsthand. Our graduates embody Macalester’s commitment to internationalism and service with their contributions to economic development and expanding opportunity.

Learn quantitative skills that are in demand for real jobs: econometrics, data processing, coding, statistical estimation, visualization, and experimental design.

Seize the opportunity (and funding!) to work alongside your professor on collaborative research projects. Investigate cutting edge questions, such as why macroeconomic forecasters were unable to anticipate the Great Recession; or the health and obesity effects of foreign-owned supermarkets in Mexico. These collaborations often result in publishable papers and help students stand out in the job market.

Life after Macalester

Our students attend top graduate programs and land jobs in consulting, investment and commercial banking, insurance, technology, marketing, for- and non-profit start-ups, government, academic research groups, think tanks, and international organizations.

Economics in the cities


Number of Fortune 500 companies near campus, including UnitedHealth Group, Target, Best Buy, 3M, and General Mills

Many governmental and non-profit organizations are located near campus, including the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis and the African Development Center


Number of internship sites within 8 miles of campus

Join our community

  • Macalester Investment Group. Want to learn about investment in a hands-on, real world setting? Help manage the group’s $85,000 portfolio.
  • Women in Economics. Join a network of female students, faculty, and alumni who have an interest in economics. Members attend workshops, alumni panels, guest lectures, and charity events.
  • Macalester Consulting Group. Interested in a career in consulting? Examine case studies and coordinate case-interview practices. We bring in accomplished alumni and current students to discuss their career and internship experiences.
  • Macalester Entrepreneurship Club. Join a group of entrepreneurial minded students and develop ideas into products and businesses. Utilize our urban location by collaborating with entrepreneurs from the Twin Cities area.