The Macalester economics department has prepared many students for the nation’s leading MBA programs. Any student planning to pursue an MBA should amass work experience while at Macalester and upon graduation. The following pointers may help guide undergraduate course selection:

(a) If you intend to pursue a quantitatively oriented MBA (i.e. an emphasis in Management Information Systems), then the advice cited in “Towards a Ph.D. in Economics” (a) and (b) also applies to you.

(b) If you intend to pursue an MBA with an emphasis in accounting, then the obvious advice applies to you: Take as many accounting courses as you can.

(c) Regardless of your potential emphasis, you should select a number of electives from the finance, investment banking, and entrepreneurship courses offered by the department. These include:

* ECON 256 (Introduction to Investment Banking)
* ECON 358 (Introduction to Securities Analysis)
* ECON 356 (Capital Markets)
* ECON 422 (International Macroeconomics and Finance)
* ECON 457 (Finance)
* ECON 486 (Empirical Finance)
* ECON 494 (Entrepreneurship).

(d) Take business-related internships throughout your undergraduate career.