Why is per capita income more than two times higher in the U.S. than in Russia and eight times higher than in India?  Why, despite overall prosperity, has income inequality increased so dramatically in the U.S. in recent decades?  Why do stock prices rise and fall and why has the Fed kept short-term interest rates near zero for over eight years?   How is technology transforming markets for taxi service, hotel rooms, music, and the many other goods and services we consume? Why is climate change such a vexing problem and how can public policy address it?

The Economics Department helps students develop the basic analytical and quantitative skills necessary to address these and other issues facing society. In other words, we help students to “think like an economist” in order to better understand human behavior and the complex and interconnected world we live in. If you want to learn more about economics and the opportunities it offers you, we encourage you to watch A Career in Economics.

The Economics Department is one of the largest departments on campus and offers both a major and minor.  We are proud of our innovative curriculum that includes courses in accounting, advanced econometrics, behavioral and experimental economics, comparative economic systems, development economics, dynamic macroeconomics, economic history, entrepreneurship, environmental economics, finance, investment banking, public policy, sports economics, and much more. To see the many interesting things you can do with economics, we encourage you to explore where some of our recent graduates are working.