Macalester Economics graduates, as in previous years, have chosen to pursue a broad range of post graduate study and career paths. Here are just a few recent examples:

PhD/MA: Esha Datta ’17 (University of California-Davis, PhD in Applied Mathematics), Chunyu Yi ’17 (University of California-Irvine, MA in Accounting), Ming Liu ’17 (University of Toronto, MS in Financial Risk Management), Qisheng Li ’17 (University of Washington, PhD in Computer Science), Lauren Beatty ’16 (University of Maryland, PhD in Economics), Tyler Skluzacek ’16 (University of Chicago, PhD in Computer Science), Huiting Fan ’15 (Columbia University, Master of Financial Engineering), Bryan Martin ’15 (University of Washington, PhD in Statistics), Yingtong Xie ’15 (University of Wisconsin–Madison, PhD in Economics), Yiwen Hu ’14 (University of Minnesota, PhD in Mathematics), Disa Hynsjo ’14 (Yale University, PhD in Economics). A recent list is available here.

Consulting/Business: Yifan Gong ’17 (Adobe); Tianyi Liu ’17 (Amazon), Joshua Conlan ’17 (Amazon), Karlyn Russell `’17 (Analysis Group), Ibrahima Dieye ’17 (Analysis Group), Austin Pauly ’17 (Buddy’s Kitchen), Natalie Kronebusch ’17 (Dexis Consulting Group), Dylan Kilgour ’17 (Epic), Rachel Siegel `17 (Epic), Almutaz Alnaas ’17 (Ernst & Young), Muath Ibaid ’17 (Ernst & Young), Jacob Simons (JMP Securities), Sunakshi Wadhwa ’17 (McKinsey Consulting), Henry Zuo ’17 (McKinsey Consulting), Laura Abril ’17 (Optum Consulting), Nikita Yatchenko ’17 (Piper Jaffray), Margaret Abeles ’17 (Piper Jaffray), James Hargens `17 (Securian Financial Group), Zach Gullerud ’17 (United Health Care), Elizabeth Bacarella ’16 (Amazon), Lauren Holm ’16 (Amazon), Cory Stern ’16 (Analysis Group), Rachel Fehr ’16 (Analysis Group), Wilson Merrell ’16 (Brattle Group), Kim Ky ’16 (Brattle Group), Hanyue Xu ’16 (Brattle Group), Nadine Penkovsky ’16 (Goldman Sachs), Brian Utz ’16 (Optum Consulting), Nichil Kantelal ’16 (Optum Consulting), James Meyerson ’16 (Optum Consulting), Haroon Bokhari ’16 (Wells Fargo), Alex Klopp ’16 (Deloitte Consulting), Khan Long Tran ’16 (JP Morgan), Kaspar Mueller ’15 (Amazon), Iris Vrioni ’15 (Analysis Group), Leia Cozier ’15 (Dexis Consulting Group), Ioannis Sophocleous ’15 (Dexis Consulting Group), Anandi Somasundaram ’15 (Optum Consulting), Alexzandra Boyer ’15 (Optum Consulting), Pukitta Chunsuttiwat ’15 (Cornerstone Research), Joseph Dykema ’14 (PricewaterhouseCoopers), Audrey Kohout ’14 (Target), Jie Shan ’14 (Microsoft), Justin Sims ’14 (New York Yankees)

Research/Government/Non-profit: Stefan Faridani `17 (London School of Economics), Noah Nieting `17 (Peace Corps), Teach for America: Megan Davitt ’17 (Teach for America), Ian Calaway ’16 (Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Thomas J. Watson Fellowship), Benny Goldman ’16 (Stanford University), So Nakayama ’15 (Bank of Japan), Charmaine Runes ’15 (Urban Institute), Benjamin Lavin ’14 (Peace Corps)