Students preparing for graduate study in economics should consider the following:

(a) Plan to acquire a sufficient foundation (or even a second major) in mathematics.

The following courses are usually prerequisites for admission to an economics PHD program:

* MATH 137 and 237 (The calculus sequence)
* MATH 236 (Linear Algebra)
* MATH 312 (Differential Equations).

Students will also benefit from having taken these advanced math courses:

* MATH 377 (Real Analysis)
* MATH 437 (Continuous Applied Mathematics)
* MATH 471 (Topics in Topology/Geometry).

(b) Applicants to economics PHD programs will also benefit from having taken courses in probability and statistics beyond those required for the economics major:

* MATH 354 (Probability)
* MATH 455 (Mathematical Statistics)
* ECON 481 (Advanced Econometrics).

(c) Select a number of Group A elective economics courses, topics courses and seminars carrying a number 300 or higher.

(d) Complete an honors thesis in economics.