Macalester Views is a collection of digital images that reflect the observations of the Macalester community engaged in study or work around the globe; from Minneapolis, to El Paso, to Fiji, to Ghana. Selected images will be published on-line as a collection for use in teaching and learning worldwide.

Macalester students, faculty, and staff are invited to submit up to ten digital images taken during their off-campus study or work experience. Each photo should tell the viewer something meaningful about the subject depicted. Descriptive and reflective text will accompany the images facilitating their discovery and use by a wide audience, primarily in their academic pursuits.

While artistic or professional quality is certainly appreciated, the submissions will not be judged on any perceived aesthetic value but rather on the significance of their content and of the supporting text. Photo contributors and project editors should ask the following questions when assessing the images for possible inclusion in the collection: 

1: Is the subject of the image clearly depicted and described
by the supporting text?
2: Does the subject of the image combined with the supporting
text convey something that is greater than either alone?
3: Can this image be easily found elsewhere?
4: Does the image follow our photographic standards?