Our mission is to help Macalester students develop a scientific understanding of human language.  Through classroom activities, as well as hands-on research projects, the curriculum introduces students to the methods of investigation, conceptual analysis, and application most characteristic of a wide range of sub disciplines (e.g., phonetics; syntax; experimental procedures in linguistics; field work).  In addition to its contribution to a humanistic and scientific education, linguistics offers students tools for the learning and the teaching of all languages and careers based on this, and for the pursuit of post graduate studies.

Fall 2022 Courses
Registration opens April 18, 2022

LING 100 – Introduction to Linguistics
LING 104 – Sounds of the World’s Languages
LING 205 – Phonology
LING 206 – Endangered/Minority Languages
LING 294 – Language Taboos
LING 300 – Linguistic Analysis