Where do Linguistics Majors go after Macalester?

Sarah Birkholz (2015) is working in Technical Services at Epic Systems in Madison, Wisconsin

Amani DeHolton (2015) is a teaching assistant in France

Drew Nevitt (2015) is working as a Software Tester/Quality Assurance for Epic Systems

Bailey Roberts (2015) is an Assistant Language Teacher for JET (Japan Exchange and Teaching Program

Leo Zoeckler (2015) is working as a Buying Operations Intern for Massdrop

Michael McAlister (2013) is studying Urban Planning at San Jose State University

Louis Hendrix (2013) is a PhD candidate in Linguistics at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland.  His research interests include phonetic and phonological investigations of two Chinese dialects: Zhumadian Mandarin and YuHuan Wu, with particular emphasis on tone and prosodic effects

Caitlyn Ruen and Megan Wang  (2012) are pursuing masters degrees in Elementary Education

Oleh Zaychenko (2012) is the Manager of International Client Relations at The Orchard, a music company

Laura Panfili (2011) is working on a PhD in Linguistics at the University of Washington

Jonathan Chen (2011) is a dance instructor at the Cinema Ballroom

Joanna Clark (2010) is pursuing a MEd in Higher Education Administration

Christine Irvine (nee Thompson) (2011) is a master’s candidate in international education management at Monterey Institute of International Education with a language focus on Arabic

Ronny Bradtke (nee Watkins) (2010) earned an MA in Linguistics with an emphasis in TESOL at the University of Illinois at Chicago.  Currently an Admissions Coordinator at William Mitchell College of Law.

Emily Peterson (2009) received an AAS in Patisserie and Baking from Le Cordon Bleu and is currently a pastry chef in Wellington , New Zealand

Hannah McKinney (2009) is pursuing an M.S. in Speech-Language Pathology at Marquette University

Danielle Scott received an MSc in Applied Linguistics at the University of Edinburgh

Joseph Brooke (2008) is a PhD student in linguistics at UC Santa Barbara doing field work on Chini, a language of the Ramu family spoken in Papua New Guinea by about 60 people.  Writing his dissertation on the realis and irrealis system in Chini