Assistant Director of Diversity Education, Leadership and Inclusion

Ze / Zir / Zirs

TK MortonTK is joining the Macalester College community as the Assistant Director of Diversity Education, Leadership, and Inclusion. TK “Tristan” Morton (Ze/zir/zirs) is a Black Trans Queer Person coming from Lawrence, Kansas! Ze is an alum of Eastern Michigan University with zirs B.S. in Women’s and Gender Studies while supporting QTBIPOC at historically white institutions (HWIs). TK has over 5 years of experience in equity work. Zirs work focuses on creating radical ways to support zirs community and thrive in oppressive institutions while centering joy! When ze is not working, ze enjoys music, doing tarot readings, going on adventures, doing photoshoots, finding new places to eat, and spending time with friends and family.