Geography Professor Bill Moseley

Given the recent famine in the Horn of Africa, Macalester geography professor Bill Moseley—an expert in African environmental and development matters—has been a man in demand. His research and teaching are informed by a decade spent working in international development as a project manager and policy analyst for organizations such as Save the Children (UK), The World Bank Environment Department, the U.S. Agency for International Development, and the U.S. Peace Corps.

Moseley’s particular expertise is in African environmental and development matters, specifically as they relate to political ecology, tropical agriculture, policy, and livelihood security.

Most of his fieldwork has been undertaken in West and Southern Africa. His research over the past several years has fallen into three general categories: analysis of the interaction between broader scale political economy and local human-environment interactions (or political ecology); livelihood security, famine early warning and hunger; and the environmental dimensions of modern and traditional agriculture.

At Macalester he teaches such classes as Geography of Africa, The Geography of Development and Underdevelopment, and the University of Cape Town study abroad program, Globalization and the Natural Environment.

Because of Moseley’s interest in real world policy, he is often writing op-eds and articles for, and being interviewed by, the popular press. Following are some links to those pieces.

February 2 2012

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