Welcome new students! Congratulations on becoming a Macalester Scot!

Macalester looks forward to welcoming members of the Class of 2024. We will continue to follow government and public health guidance as we make decisions about programs for the fall semester, including orientation activities. 

New Student Orientation

New Student Orientation will take place before the beginning of the Fall Semester. This is an experience that will acquaint you with the culture, services, and resources as you transition into the campus community. By the end of new student orientation you will:

  • Establish a sense of belonging
  • Familiarize yourself with campus
  • Identify support resources
  • Learn the core values of the Macalester community
  • Understand academic expectations
  • Understand what is expected as a member of a residential community

Bookmark this page in your favorites as it is designed to assist you in keeping track of important information and specific tasks you will need to finish before beginning the semester.