Dear Parents,

Macalester's Parent Council is comprised of the parents of current students in their sophomore, junior, and senior years at Macalester. Formed in 2006, the council serves a variety of roles, each with the common thread of fostering communication between Mac parents and an array of important constituencies.

It goes without saying that colleges must keep pace with the rapid changes inherent in our society today. Soliciting and listening to a wide array of ideas and opinions is a critical part of that effort and the Parent Council is one of the channels Macalester views as an important source of ideas and opinions from parents. It is an exciting time to witness the challenges shaping the ideas that move the college forward.

The Parent Council serves a number of purposes.

  • We act as a sounding board for the administration on important issues facing students, teachers and administrators by providing a unique perspective from parents’ points of view.
  • We support the admissions process in a number of ways. We talk to prospective parents and students about life and academics at Macalester. We also host receptions for new students and parents each summer.
  • We act as ambassadors for Macalester by participating in regional and campus events for parents and students.
  • We also encourage our members to support career networking and advice for students through the Macalester Parent Career Connections.
  • We support the Parent and Family Fund annually and encourage other parents to give generously to Macalester.

We have two formal meetings on campus each year, one in October and one typically in April. In addition to these formal meetings, we will occasionally reach out to address a specific issue or opportunity.

Please feel free to reach out to any members of the council if you have questions, concerns or ideas that you think affects life at Macalester.

Ellen and Peter Wilson
(Ben, Class of 2018)
Co-Chairs, Macalester Parent Council

Directory of Parent Council Members