Visiting Associate Professor of Philosophy
Ethics, Philosophy of Law

Professor Wilcox specializes in philosophy of law, political philosophy, and ethics.  His current research interest is political philosophy, moral theory, applied ethics, philosophy and psychiatry, and philosophy of law.

Recent Publications/Presentations:

  • “Dissociative Identity Disorder and Intrapersonal Justice,” 4th International Conference on Philosophy and Psychiatry, Florence, Italy, August 2000. A version of this paper is forthcoming in The Philosopher’s Magazine, Vol. 13.
  • Book reviews in Ethics: of Robert George’s In Defense of Natural Law (review forthcoming), and of James Wallace’s Ethical Norms, Particular Cases (review in Vol. 110, 2000, pp. 445-448).
  • APA Meeting Commentator: on Lara Denis’s “Kant’s Conception of Duties Regarding Animals” (Central Division, 2000), and on Lily-Marlene Russow’s “Dennett Does Animals: Dennett on Animal Minds” (Society for the Study of Ethics and Animals, Pacific Division, 2000).

AB: Princeton University, 1972

PhD: Cornell University, 1981.