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Statement from President Rivera Regarding Mac for Palestine Protest

As those of you on campus may already be aware, a student group called Mac for Palestine organized a protest beginning Tuesday in Markim Hall, where members continue to occupy the second floor.

At Macalester, we believe in the importance of free expression, and we support students who express themselves through non-violent demonstrations. Peaceful protest means demonstrating without violence, destruction of property, harassment, or intimidation of others. Students who protest peacefully will not be punished by the college for doing so; employees who state their support for student protesters will not be punished for doing so. Civil disobedience involves risking the consequences of one’s actions, though, and protesters are not immune from the consequences of missing academic assignments or other obligations.

Our community values require each person participating in protest to refrain from actions or words that threaten, harass, or discriminate against other members of our community. We believe respectful dialogue strengthens our campus culture and academic mission. I have offered to meet with the Mac for Palestine student protesters when I return from my work representing the college in Asia.

March 6, 2024