President Rosenberg was quoted or featured in the following articles:

Macalester President Brian Rosenberg to step down in 2020 | Pioneer Press | April 8, 2019
“This feels right to me,” Rosenberg told the Pioneer Press in an interview on Monday. “It feels right to the institution. At a certain point, a change in leadership is healthy.”

Macalester College president Brian Rosenberg to step down | Star Tribune | April 8, 2019
As Macalester College president, Brian Rosenberg oversaw the recruitment of a more diverse student body, rebuilt the St. Paul campus and shored up its finances. After 16 years at the helm, he said it's time to step down.

A Bookend Experience | Inside Higher Ed | March 15, 2019
Macalester College's graduating class will hear a commencement speaker this year who also addressed them during their freshman year. Officials say the encore speech brings the students’ educational journey full circle. Pres. Brian Rosenberg and Donna Lee, Vice President for Student Affairs, were quoted.

The Only Surprise in the Admissions Scandal Is That Anyone Is Surprised | The Chronicle of Higher Education | March 13, 2019
So it turns out some wealthy people have been lying, bribing, and cheating their children’s way into some of the most prestigious universities in the country, including Yale, Stanford, Georgetown, and the University of Southern California — or so it is alleged in several dozen indictments filed by federal authorities in Boston. The only thing surprising about this news is that anyone would find it surprising. Pres. Brian Rosenberg wrote this opinion.

Is This Higher Education's Golden Age, Gilded Age, Or Beginning Of A Gentle Decline? | Forbes | February 25, 2019
The author mentions President Brian Rosenberg and the last opinion he wrote for the Chronicle of Higher Education.

This Is Higher Education’s Gilded Age | The Chronicle of Higher Education | February 3, 2019
President Brian Rosenberg wrote this opinion.

Actually, Academe Never Was All That Great | The Chronicle of Higher Education | December 4, 2018
President Brian Rosenberg writes that rather than trying to recreate an idealized past, we should be trying to create a more equitable future.

Macalester professor's new book puts #MeToo into context for kids | Star Tribune | November 28, 2018
American Studies Professor Duchess Harris' work brings complicated and sometimes hidden history into focus. She's profiled in this article which also quotes President Brian Rosenberg.

As Humanities Majors Decline, Colleges Try to Hype Up Their Programs | The Atlantic | November 1, 2018
President Brian Rosenberg was quoted in this article.

Most Republicans Still Aren’t Crazy About Higher Education. And That’s OK. | Chronicle of Higher Education | October 12, 2018
President Brian Rosenberg wrote this opinion for the Chronicle.