Interview: Can liberal arts colleges survive?
How does the flagging economy change the outlook for higher education? President Rosenberg was interviewed by the Chronicle of Higher Education about the future of liberal arts institutions.

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  • Speaking Out Where Others Wouldn't | Inside Higher Ed | February 20, 2017
    President of Trinity Washington takes on Kellyanne Conway, Trump aide who is an alumna and a donor. To Patricia McGuire, the issue isn't politics, but truth. Just how strongly presidents should speak out on Trump administration actions has been heatedly debated. There is no consensus among college presidents, but the majority are far from where McGuire is. One exception is Macalester College's president, Brian Rosenberg, who went much further than other presidents in criticizing President Trump's executive order (currently being revised after courts blocked it) barring travel to the United States for people from seven Muslim-majority nations. Rosenberg called the order "cowardly and cruel."
  • My ‘Dear Betsy’ Letter | Chronicle of Higher Education | February 9, 2017
    The new secretary of education hasn’t reached out to the president of Macalester College for advice. But it could happen, he says, and he has some ideas.
  • Macalester President Brian Rosenberg Calls Trump’s New Immigration Policy ‘Cowardly And Cruel’ | The Huffington Post | February 1, 2017
    President Brian Rosenberg's latest Huffington Post blog in which he calls Trump's immigration policy "cowardly and cruel."
  • 'Cowardly and Cruel' | Inside Higher Ed | February 1, 2017
    Macalester president issues some of the harshest words yet from a higher ed leader on Donald Trump's immigration ban.
  • Kaler: UMN ‘stands with’ its 125 students affected by Trump travel ban | Pioneer Press | January 30, 2017
    President Donald Trump’s actions on immigration last week are of “great concern” to University of Minnesota leaders, university President Eric Kaler said in a letter Sunday. In his own letter Monday, Macalester College President Brian Rosenberg called Trump’s orders “cowardly and cruel.” Rosenberg pledged counseling, housing and financial and legal help for its Muslim students and employees and for undocumented students who may be affected by a separate Trump action that broadens eligibility for deportation.
  • Trump's orders have U and Macalester presidents with varying views | Star Tribune | January 30, 2017
    Macalester's president Brian Rosenberg calls Trump's actions "cowardly and cruel."
  • In Defense of DACA | Inside Higher Ed | November 21, 2016
    More than 90 college and university presidents, including President Brian Rosenberg, have signed a statement calling for the continuation and expansion of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, under which more than 700,000 young people who were brought to the U.S. illegally as children have registered with the federal government in exchange for temporary relief from the possibility of deportation and a two-year renewable work permit. President-elect Donald J. Trump has said he would end the DACA program, which was authorized by President Obama by executive action.
  • The Election and Higher Ed | Inside Higher Ed | November 8, 2016
    This piece highlights key articles about the candidates’ positions and how the campaign has played out on campus -- plus a selection of commentary. One of those articles featured was President Brian Rosenberg's column, "Trump and the Limits of Neutrality," published in IHE on April 26, 2016.
  • The Past and Future of Higher Education | The Chronicle of Higher Education | November 4, 2016
    This month marks the 50th anniversary of the Chronicle, and the editors at the Chronicle wanted to know what keeps people in higher education up at night, to assess the major transformations that have taken place over the past 50 years, and to glimpse the ideas and arguments that might shape the next 50. The following represents the results of a survey sent to 1,000 Chroniclesubscribers to solicit their views on the biggest challenges and opportunities facing the academic enterprise. Here are the results from 50 faculty members, presidents, administrators, and higher-education thinkers to those issues. One of those quoted was President Brian Rosenberg.
  • Friday Roundtable: What it means to be an American | MPR | October 28, 2016
    MPR News Host Kerri Miller asked Naaima Khan, Pakou Hang and Macalester President Brian Rosenberg to reflect on the series so far and add their own perspective on what it means to be an American. When you click on the link on the MPR web page, it will download the interview.

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