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Please contact Barbara K. Laskin, media relations manager, at 651-696-6451 or .

Macalester facts

Faculty experts

Our 163 faculty teach 800 courses in 59 departments or programs and have a wide range of expertise and insight to bring to stories or analysis of current news. 96 percent of our faculty have PhDs, or the highest degree in their fields and 20 percent are U.S. and international people of color.

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Media guidelines

While Macalester welcomes the media to campus, we do require that all members of the media contact our Media Relations Manager Barbara Laskin prior to visiting campus. Reporters or other members of the media visiting campus will be escorted by a Communications staff person or designee.

Our goal is to facilitate media access while not interfering with teaching and research activities and protecting the privacy, health and safety of students, faculty and staff; and complying with state and federal student and personnel privacy laws.

General guidelines

  • Media vehicles must be parked legally. Maps & Directions.
  • Equipment must not damage college property
  • Equipment, vehicles and personnel must not restrict traffic, fire lanes or access to buildings
  • Additional restrictions on the use of television cameras, still cameras, flashes and other special lighting and audio equipment may be imposed on a case-by-case basis to minimize disruption or protect safety or security. If security is an issue, these items may be subject to inspection

Release of student information

Federal law, state law and college policy govern access to student records. Under these laws and policies, only certain information is considered public. However, it is possible for students to suppress some or all public information by requesting a nondisclosure.

All requests for information from reporters and representatives of news organizations must be directed to Media Relations. Depending on the nature of your request, we may require you to make the request in writing.

Commercial filming on campus

Macalester’s beautiful, vibrant urban campus makes it an ideal setting for a variety commercial still and film projects. To learn more about filming on campus, contact the Campus Center, 651-696-6888

For Faculty, Staff, Students

We are always looking for interesting and timely news about faculty and student achievements and exciting things happening on campus. If you have a story to share, contact Communications and Marketing at: 651-696-6203 or

Media relations

If you are contacted by a member of the media and have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our Media Relations Manager Barbara K. Laskin, 651-696-6451 or

If you were in the news, we’d love to see the story. Please email

If you would like help developing a communications plan to promote new research, a grant, an event, or other activity, or preparing for a media interview, contact Barbara Laskin.

Dean’s and Honors List and Graduation Notices

Each semester, Communications & Marketing sends information about students earning a spot on the Dean’s or Honors list to their hometown papers. We also send notices on graduates each semester to their hometown papers.

If you have not seen a notice in your paper, or have moved since matriculating, please contact

Campus News

Submit campus news to the Mac Daily, which is published each day during the academic year and twice a week during the summer and on breaks.

For alumni

We want to share the wonderful things our alumni are doing and we’re always looking for interesting stories and profiles for Macalester Today and Mac Wire.

If you have a story idea, contact:

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