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Non-Tenure Eligible Faculty Resources

Welcome to Macalester!

Macalester College values all of its employees and the work they do to assist our students in their pursuit of an outstanding educational experience. This website provides a gateway to the employment and professional development resources available to non-tenure eligible faculty members at Macalester.

Non-tenure eligible faculty members at Macalester are a diverse group. Some teach at the college for just a semester, others teach here for many years. Some are full time, others teach one course a year. All faculty contribute to our academic mission and all are welcome and encouraged to use the many teaching and scholarship resources available on campus.

Hiring Timeline

Once a department has chosen a candidate the Assistant Provost makes an offer of employment. The offer includes information about a confidential background check which must be successfully completed before employment can begin. The check is administered by the Employment Services (H.R.) department.

After the background check is complete an appointment packet is sent to the new faculty member’s home address. The packet includes:

  • An appointment letter and contract. The contract should be signed and returned to the Assistant Provost within two weeks.
  • Information about the I-9 verification process. All employees must complete the I-9 by the end of their first day of employment.
  • Information about direct deposit of salary. Macalester requires that salary payments be made by direct deposit.
  • A transcript request. You should submit an official transcript of your highest degree earned to the Assistant Provost.
  • Information about employee benefits.

Faculty names are added to the class schedule after the signed contract is returned.

Access to College Computing

New non-tenure faculty with signed contracts are given Macalester account access (e-mail and 1600 Grand) about a month before their first term begins; August 1 for faculty starting in fall semester and December 15 for those starting in the spring. College provided computers are also available at that time.

Technology checklist for new faculty from Information Technology Services

Name and contact information is added to the College’s on-line directory on the day access begins.

New Faculty Orientation

The Serie Center for Scholarship and Teaching, also called the CST, offers orientation sessions for new faculty each semester.

New faculty complete the I-9 verification and register for benefits during new faculty orientation. Office keys and parking stickers are assigned at Facilities Services and ID cards at Campus Programs.

Parking is free and all employees are encouraged to park on-campus rather than on neighboring side streets.

Cancellation of Courses

Courses with fewer than five students may be cancelled by the Provost. Decisions about cancellation will be made by the end of the registration period, well before the beginning of the teaching term. Faculty offering a course which is cancelled within thirty days of the start of classes will be paid in full for the course.

General information about Non-Tenure faculty appointments


  • Visiting Instructor – no PhD or terminal degree
  • Visiting Assistant Professor – PhD or terminal degree

FTE (Full Time Equivalent)

Benefits for all Macalester employees, faculty and staff, are based on FTE. Faculty FTE is counted by the academic year (September-August). Teaching five courses during the academic year equals a full teaching load.

  • .17 FTE = 1 course, not benefits eligible
  • .33 FTE = 2 courses, not benefits eligible
  • .58 FTE = 3 courses, part-time benefits eligible
  • .75 FTE = 4 courses, full-time benefits eligible
  • 1.0 FTE = 5 courses, full-time benefits eligible

Employee Benefits

Salary schedule

  • Faculty members teaching one or two courses are paid in the semester they teach (4 payments if they teach in just one term or 9 payments if they teach one course in each term)
  • Faculty members who teach three or more courses are paid over 12 months (September-August) because they are eligible for benefits for the entire year.
  • Salary is paid monthly, beginning September 30 for faculty teaching in the fall semester or February 28 for those teaching only in the spring.

Expectations of service

Faculty members teaching one or two courses per year do not have any expectations of service beyond teaching.

In addition to teaching, faculty members teaching three or more courses (or lab equivalent) per year are expected to contribute to the work of their department. Service expectations are negotiated with the chair and will vary from department to department but will likely include participation in department events and meetings, serving on honors committees, and sponsoring independents or honors projects. Service expectations are pro-rated for faculty teaching three or four courses.

Pay Structure Information

Increases: Continuing non-tenure faculty receive annual salary increases equal to the standard increase given to staff employees in that year. In 2018-19, all continuing faculty received a 2.4% increase.

Minimum Per Course Salary in 2018-19: The minimum per course salary for new faculty without a terminal degree is $5,800 for a four-credit course. The minimum per course salary for new faculty with a terminal degree is $6,000 for a four credit course.

Faculty teaching three or four courses receive a minimum of $7,500 per course, with the expectation of some service beyond teaching.

Minimum Full-Time Salary in 2018-19: Faculty with full time (1.0) appointments are paid a minimum of $52,000 per year. In addition to teaching, full time faculty are expected to contribute substantially to the work of their department.

Employment Eligibility: All Macalester employees must have completed an I-9 verification and be eligible to work in the United States as a condition of employment. Except in very rare circumstances Macalester does not sponsor non-tenure eligible faculty for either H1b visas or permanent residence.

Offices and staff support

The Department Chair and Department Coordinator are expected to give new faculty a general orientation to resources in their department and across campus, and to provide support as needed.

Most part-time faculty will share office space. Full-time faculty are given private offices when possible. Every faculty member may request a computer and telephone for personal use.

Faculty who will be at Macalester for more than a semester may request name tags and business cards from their department coordinator.

Cancellation of courses

Courses with fewer than five students may be cancelled by the Provost. Decisions about cancellation will be made by the end of the registration period, well before the beginning of the teaching term. Faculty offering a course which is cancelled within thirty days of the start of classes will be paid in full for the course.


Faculty appointments are for one year or one semester. Chairs should discuss reappointment with continuing faculty, if possible by the end of January, so that the faculty member can plan for the next year and their name can be added to the course schedule.

Appointment letters for continuing faculty are sent in early June.


Macalester faculty members are expected to solicit student evaluations for each course taught and review the evaluations with their department chair. Faculty should confer with their department chair about whether their program uses a specific course evaluation.

Information about course evaluations is provided during new faculty orientation. The Serie Center website offers a number of sample course evaluations as well as resources related to evaluation.

Chair evaluations: Non-tenure faculty who teach at Macalester for more than one year will be evaluated by their department chair. The evaluation is sent to the Provost, and must be shared with the person being reviewed.

Addenda: Non-tenure faculty are not required to submit an addendum, but are encouraged to do so if they intend to teach at Macalester for multiple years.

Professional Development

Faculty Travel and Research Funds (FTR)

Faculty teaching full time (1.0 FTE) get $1,250 FTR beginning with the first day of employment. Faculty teaching less than 1.0 FTE get $1,250, pro-rated to FTE, after the first year of employment. NTT Series faculty get $1,750 per year, pro-rated to FTE.

Other funding opportunities may be available on a competitive basis. More information is available on the Serie Center website.

The Jan Serie Center for Teaching and Scholarship (CST) offers a wide range of professional development opportunities, including some specifically designed for non-tenure faculty.

The Serie Center also sponsors two weekly lunch-time discussions: “Talking About Teaching” and “Conversations about our Scholarly Lives,” which are great ways for new faculty to meet other faculty and to hear about current work on campus.

Other Resources

Campus Events: Non-tenure faculty are encouraged to participate in campus activities as they are able. The Mac Daily is an e-mail newsletter for on-campus events and news. It is delivered to your Macalester e-mail address daily when classes are in session.

College Catalog

Convocation: Non-tenure faculty are encouraged to attend convocations.  Information about convocations is published in the Mac Daily.

DeWitt Wallace Library – All employees are welcome to use the library for research or entertainment.

Digital Commons: The Selected Works gallery links to individual pages for Macalester faculty and provides information about research interests and links to their publications. The Library will create pages for any faculty member who teaches at Macalester for more than one semester. Readers may also be interested in Macademia, a web-based program that helps connect Macalester colleagues who have shared research interests.

Faculty Service Awards:  Faculty members with ten years of service are recognized at the annual Faculty/Staff Appreciation Lunch.  Awards for continuing service are given every five years thereafter.

Faculty/Staff Gatherings:  Macalester hosts faculty/staff lunches each semester, and the Library and Serie Center sponsor Wine and Cheese gatherings several times a year.  You are encouraged to join your colleagues at these events, invitations are in the Mac Daily.

Leonard Center Athletics and Wellness Complex:  All employees may use the Leonard Center.

Leonard Fund – This endowed fund was established to reimburse faculty for the cost of entertaining students outside the classroom.

Faculty Governance

Faculty Meetings

Faculty Meetings are held monthly during the academic year. All faculty are welcome to attend faculty meetings. Meeting schedule is posted on the Provost website.

Voting Rights

Full-time (1.0 FTE) Visiting faculty are eligible to vote in faculty meetings.

Part-time Visiting faculty teaching three courses in a term are eligible to vote in that term.

NTT Series faculty are eligible to vote in any term in which they teach at least one course or are on an approved leave.

Full-time staff with faculty appointments are eligible to vote in the term in which they are teaching.

More information can be found in the Faculty Handbook.

Resources for Questions or Problems

The department chair is usually an excellent resource for questions about the department and general college policies.

Marga Miller ( is the assistant provost. She can answer questions about your contract or appointment, pursuing adjunct or senior lecturer status, and reappointment. She is also the person to contact if you are not sure who to talk with about an issue.

Jason Dempster ( in Employment Services can answer questions about employee benefits.

The Provost and/or Dean of the Faculty are available to meet with you to discuss an issue or problem. To make an appointment contact Ann Kraker at (

Appointment to the NTT Series

Appointment to the NTT Series is intended for long term non-tenure eligible faculty at Macalester.

Eligibility for Appointment:

Normally faculty must request review in the fourth consecutive year of appointment and the completion of at least six courses. If service has been discontinuous but has included appointment in any four years from the past eight, the faculty member must request review at the beginning of the fifth year of service. In either case the Provost must also determine that there is an on-going need for this person’s appointment.

For eligible faculty members the review is mandatory. Those who opt not to be reviewed are not eligible for re-appointment after the current year.

NTT Series Review Criteria:

Faculty members are reviewed primarily on their teaching.   Candidates teaching more than two courses a year are also evaluated on service to the College or their department, with expectations pro-rated to FTE.   Non-tenure faculty members are not evaluated on scholarship.

The Faculty Handbook states:

Visiting Faculty seeking to enter the NTT Series, which typically will be to the rank of Instructor or Assistant Professor (NTT), should be demonstrating excellence in teaching and fulfillment of established contractual expectations of service to the candidate’s department(s).

The faculty member should be showing an openness and responsiveness to suggestions and constructive feedback from students and colleagues regarding his/her teaching. (Section 3.V.B.1)

Timing of the Review:

Reviews generally take place during the fall semester.

Procedures for NTT Series Review: 

NTT Series reviews are conducted by the Faculty Personnel Committee.  Candidates are expected to demonstrate proficiency in teaching and service (as appropriate to the appointment).   Detailed information about the review process can be found in Section 3.VI.B. of the Faculty Handbook.

What happens after a successful review:

  • Faculty members with a terminal degree are given the title Assistant Professor (NTT).   Faculty members without a terminal degree are given the title Instructor (NTT)   More information about NTT Series titles can be found in Section 3.II.B.4b of the faculty handbook.
  • NTT Series faculty members receive $1,750 in FTR reimbursement, pro-rated to FTE.
  • NTT Series faculty members are eligible for a two course (one semester) paid professional leave once they have taught a total of 36 courses.
  • Each NTT Series faculty member has an ‘expected number of courses’ for their position.   Part-time faculty may teach more than their expected number of courses in a given year and will be considered for a contract whenever the College has need for someone to teach a course for which they are qualified. The final decision about who is best qualified to teach a course rests with the department chair.
  • If the College decides to discontinue the appointment of a NTT Series faculty member, or reduce the faculty member’s ‘expected number of courses,’ the College will notify the faculty member no later than June 1st of the year before the change is to occur, unless the change is due to poor performance, low enrollment, restructuring of a department’s curriculum, or budget cuts.  Thus notification by June 1, 2020 is typical for a change that would go into effect in the 2021-22 academic year.
  • Appointment is always contingent on good performance.  An   appointment can be ended for performance, at any time, without notice.

If the review is not successful:

Faculty who do not successfully complete the review are not eligible for re-appointment

If a faculty member is not eligible for NTT Series review because there is no on-going need for their appointment:

A determination by the Provost that a visiting faculty member may not apply for review, due to the lack of need, will not affect eligibility for future appointment at the College.

Promotion to Senior Instructor (NTT) or Associate Professor (NTT):

NTT Series faculty members may request promotion to Senior Instructor or Associate Professor.

The Faculty Handbook states

After three academic years in which a faculty member has held the rank of Instructor or Assistant Professor (NTT) (including the part-year, normally their fourth at the College, in which they received promotion to the NTT series), and in which the faculty member has taught at least one course, the faculty member may request a promotion to the rank of Senior Instructor or Associate Professor (NTT), respectively. The Provost shall review applicants for promotion in either semester.

Faculty seeking promotion within the NTT Series, either to Senior Instructor or Associate Professor (NTT), should be demonstrating ongoing excellence in teaching and excellent service to the faculty member’s department(s) or the college. Evidence of excellence in teaching may include evidence of excellence as an advisor (Section 3.V.B.2.)

Information about the promotion process is available in Section 3.VI.B.2.of the Faculty Handbook.

NTT Series Professional Development Leave

  • NTT faculty members are eligible to apply for a two course professional development leave at full pay once they have taught 36 (4 credit) courses.
  • The Provost maintains records of classes taught and will notify the faculty member when they are eligible for a leave.
  • Faculty may postpone their leave because of personal or departmental obligations. Faculty who postpone a leave will continue to accumulate courses toward a future leave. This accumulation is capped at 10 courses; the equivalent of two years of full time teaching.
  • Leaves are intended to release faculty from teaching and are not normally in addition to the normal load of a part time faculty member. In determining how many courses a part time faculty member will teach in a leave year the Provost will consider
    • The expected minimum number of courses established for that faculty member
    • The average number of courses the faculty member has taught in the previous five years.

The final determination is made by the Provost.

Contract End Date

The end date of your appointment is indicated on your contract.   You will be contacted a few weeks before the appointment ends and given information about leaving the college.

  • You should turn in your keys and any other college property before you leave
  • If you are moving, please let Employment Services know your new address so they can send you tax information later.

E-mail and Network Access

Access to e-mail and the 1600grand portal ends on the last day of appointment. ITS can help you move personal information to a different account.

Departing Faculty Techlist


Benefits-eligible faculty whose appointments are ending continue to receive salary and benefits until August 31. We ask departing faculty to leave their offices by May 31 so that they can be cleaned and prepared for the next year. Salary, benefits, and e-mail access continue until the official end of the appointment on August 31.