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Paul Overvoorde

Vice Provost and Associate Dean of the Faculty

Weyerhaeuser Hall, 214


Paul supervises the Assessment Office and various assessment activities at Macalester. He also coordinates all faculty personnel and department reviews and ensures responsible conduct of research compliance for students funded by external and College grants. Additionally, he acts as the Provost’s representative on various committees and for some College functions.

Assessment: Student learning happens both in and out of the classroom. The Associate Dean coordinates faculty and staff efforts to ensure students are accomplishing college-wide learning goals and consults on institutional, general education, and departmental assessment initiatives.

Faculty Personnel and Department Reviews: The Associate Dean supervises the creation of faculty personnel review files, from contacting external reviewers to ensuring that all files are complete before Macalester’s Faculty Personnel Committee evaluates pre-tenure, tenure, and promotion cases. As well, the Associate Dean guides departments through their reviews so that the Provost, Educational Policy and Governance Committee, and Board of Trustees have the necessary information to understand how a department is functioning.

Student-Faculty Research Collaborations: The Associate Dean solicits applications from students and faculty wishing to work closely during the summer on a scholarly project supported by endowed and external funds. Such applications are evaluated by appropriate faculty committees and provided administrative resources by the Associate Dean.