Wondering what you can do with a BA in Psychology?  Although you need to get an advanced degree to be a professional “psychologist,” the skills you gained as a psychology major have prepared you for many possible jobs and careers.  In addition to more general skills, such as the ability to communicate your ideas well, other skills you learn as a psychology major can help you in a number of careers.  For example, if the organization you work for wants to survey their clients to see what they can do to improve services, your knowledge of research design will certainly come in handy.  The department hosts a panel each Spring where recent graduates talk about their job searches and the positions they now hold. 

APA article about careers in psychology (2001)

Macalester College Career Development Center

Job possibilities for people with a BA in psychology

If you’re planning to pursue a PhD in psychology, you may be interested in seeking out a paid research assistantship.  This site, run by the Council of University Directors of Clinical Psychology, is geared toward students interested in post-baccalaureate research assistantships in clinical psychology, but its postings may also be relevant to other subspecialties.