Floor Plans

Graduate Residence Hall Director

Dan Nicla

Kirk Hall Information

Kirk Hall is located along the eastern boundary of campus along Snelling Avenue. Originally constructed in 1926 and most recently renovated in 1993, Kirk was the second residence hall built at Macalester and is divided into nine sections with separate entrances.

Section 1 –  female only residents; 5 singles, 2 double suites, 1 triple suite

Section 2 – co-ed; 3 singles; 7 double suites

Section 3 – co-ed; 5 singles; 6 doubles suites; 2 triple suites

Section 4 – Specialty Housing – Gender Free Living Community

Section 5 – co-ed; 10 singles; 4 double suites

Section 6 – co-ed; 10 singles; 2 double suites, 1 triple suite

Section 7 – co-ed; 9 singles; 5 double suites, 1 triple suite

Section 8 – Specialty Housing –  Interfaith House

Section 9 – co-ed; 7 singles; 2 doubles suites; 1 triple suite

Resident Information: Kirk houses 151 students, most are juniors and seniors.  Some spaces will be held for sophomores when a class size is larger than the number of traditional sophomore spaces available.
Bathrooms: Two bathrooms in each section of Kirk. The gender designations for the bathroom are as follows:

Section No. Rooms Gender Bathroom1 Gender Designation Bathroom 2 Gender Designation
1 Women Women (2nd floor) N/A
2 Co-ed All Gender (1st floor) All Gender (2nd floor)
3 Co-ed Women (1st floor) Men (2nd floor)
4 All Gender Specialty Housing All Gender (2nd floor) N/A
5 Co-ed All Gender (1st floor) All Gender (3rd floor)
6 Co-ed All Gender (1st floor) All Gender (3rd floor)
7 Co-ed Men (1st floor) Women (2nd floor)
8 Interfaith House Specialty Housing Private bathrooms in the  double rooms on 1st floor. All Gender (2nd floor)
9 Co-ed All Gender (1st floor) All Gender (2nd floor)

Laundry Facilities: Laundry facilities are located in the basement of section 8.
Kitchen: There is a kitchen in the basement of section 2 with a stove, microwave and a sink.
Computer Labs/Internet Access:  24-hour computer lab in the basement of Kirk. Wireless internet is widely available throughout campus and residence hall rooms.  Each room also has Ethernet ports for times when students may prefer to use a wired internet connection. Additional Computer labs are located in Doty and Dupre halls.  Computers are also available for general student use in George Draper Dayton Hall and the SOC, located on second floor in the Ruth Stricker Dayton Campus Center.
Lounges: There is a lounge in the basement of section 2 and a formal lounge in section 8, equipped with a microwave oven.
General Room Information: Singles, double room suites, and triple room suites.  All Suites have a common room and single bedrooms.
Room Dimensions: Single: 12’6” x 9’
2 bedroom suite: Common room – 14’6” x 12’6”, bedrooms – 12’6” x 7’0”
3 bedroom suite: Common room – 18’ x 12’6”, bedrooms – 12’6” x 7’0”;
Room Furnishings: Kirk has traditional, non-lofted furniture with extra-long twin beds.