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Staff Advisory Council (SAC)

Photo collage of the current members of SAC

Staff Advisory Council Purpose

The Staff Advisory Council (SAC) is a body of staff members elected to represent all staff voices within the college administration. SAC is informed by the principles of shared governance which were outlined in the Strategic Planning and Analysis report on Shared Governance in 2019, and which has been an institutional priority for Macalester College since the strategic plan, Thrive, was created in 2015. SAC defines shared governance as the collective responsibility held by staff, faculty, students, and administration in all policy considerations at the college “in order to facilitate decision-making that is informed, timely, and strategic” (Thrive, 2015). As a part of the college’s process in crafting new policies and directives, SAC is consulted by leadership to elevate concerns of staff and bring staff perspective, experience, and expertise to these determinations. SAC also requests information and reports from senior staff or department heads as necessary in regards to staff concerns, and facilitates resolution of these concerns when possible. Through this process, as well as through regular communication with all staff on any relevant issues, SAC aims to increase equity and transparency, as well as contribute to actions that will promote and sustain positive cultural change on campus, in service of greater fulfillment for staff that will translate to institutional stability, dynamic growth and collaborative visioning.