The Center for Scholarship and Teaching began in 2002 to support faculty members in becoming even more effective teachers and scholars, and to provide an environment that fosters collaborative and collegial relationships across disciplines.

In 2009 the center was renamed the Jan Serie Center for Scholarship and Teaching in honor of its founding director Jan Serie, O.T. Walter Professor of Biology.

The Serie Center supports the professional development of faculty members by providing information, guidance, and tangible assistance through a number of initiatives, including the following:


  • Conversations About Our Scholarly Lives
  • Digital Liberal Arts
  • Faculty Reading Groups
  • Peer Writing and Review Group
  • Writing Retreats

Teaching and Advising

  • Talking About Teaching
  • Reciprocal Course Visits
  • Evaluating Teaching
  • Videos on Giving a Research Presentation
  • Mid-Course Interviews

New Faculty Programming

  • New Faculty Orientation
  • New Faculty Seminar

Faculty Leadership

  • Academic Leadership Seminar
  • Department Chair Development Initiatives

Jan Serie

Jan SerieJanet R. Serie, O.T. Walter Professor of Biology at Macalester College, taught thousands of students and inspired many to pursue professional careers in medicine, biology, and other fields. During her 25-year career of teaching, research, and administration at Macalester, Serie was the recipient of the Minnesota College Science Teacher of the Year Award by the Minnesota Academy of Science and the Four-Year College Teaching Award by the National Association of College Biology Teachers. Following her death in 2008, President Brian Rosenberg renamed the Center in her honor, saying, “No one here has been more important to the life of the college.”