ACM Advisory Board of Deans Faculty Development Grants

Grants of up to $2,000 to support a meeting, conference or workshop for ACM faculty members. Most recently, this program has funded classicists, economists, computer center directors, mathematicians, anthropologists, Latin Americanists and theater directors. Meetings may focus on such themes as disciplinary or interdisciplinary pedagogy, course or curriculum development, or emerging scholarship; or campus-wide concerns such as the use of information technology in scholarship and teaching, helping students develop as competent thinkers and communicators, or the development of institutional structures that support interdisciplinarity. Interested faculty should contact Joan Ostrove ([email protected])¬†prior to proposal development.

Midwest Faculty Seminars

Every year the University of Chicago invites Macalester faculty to a series of seminars held on their campus. The Associate Provost’s Office will reimburse travel expenses and meals not provided by the Seminar for up to two faculty to attend each of these seminars. Housing will be provided by the University of Chicago. To register please contact Brenda Piatz ([email protected]) or Paul Overvoorde ([email protected]) for the registration form.