Regular Faculty Travel and Research Funds (FTR)

Tenure and Tenure Track faculty, pre/post doctoral fellows, adjunct professors (prorated by FTE) and MSFEO faculty (50%) receive $1,750 per year in FTR funds; full-time non tenure track faculty receive $1,250 per year; part-time non tenure track faculty are eligible for FTR after the first year of employment (prorated by FTE). FTR funds help to support professional development activities such as attending conferences, journal subscriptions, research materials, professional association dues, etc. Receipts are always required, and must be turned in with the reimbursement form to the Academic Programs Office. Funds may be carried over for up to one year upon request by May 1. Deadline: As expenses occur.
FTR form and guidelines

Wallace Grants

Wallace Scholarly Activities grants support faculty scholarship and travel.

Applications submitted in November will be considered for the current academic year. Applications submitted in February will be considered for next academic year.

Deadline:  November 5, 2018

ACM FACE Program

The ACM FaCE program has changed significantly. It is now focused on Collaboration and Assessment. Guidelines and information. Submit proposals electronically to .

Deadline: October 21