Because sociology students learn how to situate peoples’ lives and important events by understanding how political, economic, and cultural forces constitute social life, majors find a wide variety of internships and produce a diverse range research projects. A few examples of each can be found below.


Daisy Alcantar ‘23 (Round Lake, IL): Detention Line Intern, Immigration Law Center of Minnesota in St. Paul, MN

Annika Brennan ‘23 (Chicago, IL): Assistant Director of Academics, Elimisha Kakuma in Kenya

Ryan Cotter ‘23 (Mercer Island, WA): Media Intern, Mixed Asian Media 

Laszlo Jentes ‘25 (Chicago, IL): Digital Content Support, Center for Victims of Torture in St. Paul

Ben Lewin ‘25 (Beachwood, OH): Policy Intern, Tech2Peace in Tel Aviv, Israel 

Andrea Palmen ‘23 (Kenosha, WI): Intern, Saint Paul office of U.S. Senator Tina Smith (MN)

Aiden Yang ‘25 (Eugene, OR): MacNest Venture Capital Intern, Groove Capital



Honors Research Projects

Sophia Rose Kaufmann (‘23): Un-Scene: How Responses to Sexual Violence Reproduce Legal Hegemony in the Bay Area’s Punk and DIY Community

Stella Drew Kirszner (‘23): Hiding and Hoarding: How the New York City Public School Application Process Reinforces Privilege and Inequality

Jaylynn Marie Rodriguez (‘23): Making the Revolution: The Young Lords and the Creation of a Transnational Puerto Rican Identity

Lichtenberg, Greer (‘22): Looking Up and Playing Down: The Paradoxes of Performing Wealth at a Liberal Arts College

Inge Pham-Swann (‘22): Beyond Vegan: Producer and Restaurant Involvement in the Mainstreaming of Plant-Based Meat

Bergen Schmidt (‘22): Protected Places: Comparing Valuations of Public Lands in U.S. Conservation Legislation

Aidan Williams (‘22): Plague! Public Health, Community Memory, and HIV/AIDS

Aaron (Xunwen) Zou (‘22): Racialization of Foreigners and Self in the Chinese Immigration Project

Wanda Barradas (‘21): We Got Us: Creating Radical Communities through Illegality

Gabi Estrada (‘21): Fluidity as Resistance: Latinx Artists Navigating Whiteness and Identity Construction in the Twin Cities

Margaret Breen (‘20)
The Tensions of Mobilizing Emergent Tactics: Lessons from the Standing Rock Occupation

Susanna Morales (‘20)
Cooking as Power: Agency in Central American Women’s Foodwork

Justin Wong (‘20)
Between Gentrifiers and Tourists: Walk-in Gentrifiers, Institutional Expansion and Space in Boston’s Chinatown