2022-2023 MEMBERS

Andrew Latham, Political Science, Chair
Keith Kuwata, Chemistry
Pete Ferderer, Economics (fall)
Lesley Lavery, Political Science (spring*)
Claude Cassagne, French and Francophone Studies (fall*)
Wynn Fricke, Theater and Dance (spring)
Alan Chapman, Geology
Erik Larson, Sociology (fall*)
David Moore, International Studies (spring)
*indicates replacement position

Katie Reed, Admissions and Financial Aid
Nathan Lief, Facilities Services
Jonathan Cardenas, Residential Life

Jean Pateman ’25
Micah Hansonbrook ’25

Ex Officio:
Bethany Miller, Director of Institutional Research and Assessment
Lisa Anderson-Levy, Executive Vice President and Provost
Patricia Langer, Vice President of Administration and Finance

The Strategic Planning and Analysis Committee (SPA) replaces the Resources and Planning Committee (RPC).