Advancement Records Specialist

Lampert Building, 325

I spend my day working to make sure the hard files are continually being purged, better organized, new files added as needed, and supervising workers in the file room, etc. 

I also do biographical data entry, which may include any of the following at various times throughout the year: linking incoming freshman with their parents on the Advance database; adding survey information; adding and editing existing information coming from various sources in and outside of the Advancement office; address changes from the post office; and using various internet sites to search for new address and phone information.

I can create new, or find existing, hard files; add and edit entities on the Advance database, and use AlumniFinder and other internet sites to search for the most current address and/or phone information for individuals.

About Me
I have worked at Mac since 1998. Prior to that I worked at the University of Minnesota, St. Paul Campus for 10-1/2 years.