Racial justice is sustainability. 

In the past, the Sustainability Office has not done enough to go beyond white environmental issues; moving forward, we are creating a mission that centralizes environmental justice at its core. Environmental justice means that since historically marginalized groups bear a greater burden of any environmental issue, our work is incomplete without a genuine commitment o social justice in everything we do. It is now more clear than ever that we cannot further that commitment without being an active ally to the Black Lives Matter movement, consciously being anti-racist, and working to dismantle white supremacy. We will not ignore the many injustices present in our world and on our campus. We wouldn’t ask anyone to do this work for us, and let us know if you have suggestions or feedback that can help us move forward as we develop our mission and we will take them to heart.

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How are we doing on our Sustainability Goals?

Carbon Neutral by 2025: 63% progress toward our goal
30% Real Food by 2020: 73% progress toward our goal
Zero Waste by 2020: 86% progress toward our goal

Environmental Justice during Covid-19

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Take a look at what we’ve accomplished:

Accomplishments Overview (pdf)                                            Awards (pdf)
Cost Savings (pdf)                                                                         Carbon Neutrality (pdf)
Waste (pdf)                                                                                     Social Justice (pdf)
Water (pdf)                                                                                     Living Laboratory (pdf)
Transportation (pdf)                                                                    Health and Wellness (pdf)
Food (pdf)                                                                                       Education (pdf)
Buildings (pdf)                                                                               Landscaping (pdf)
Student Sustainability Network (pdf)

Virtual Campus Sustainability Tour

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Sustainability-Related Projects Have Saved Macalester $3M

As of Sept. 2019, sustainability-related projects across campus have saved Macalester more than $3M. The projects fall into three main categories:
83.6% Energy                                         16% Paper Reduction                                           0.4% Water

More detail can be found at Sustainability-Related Cost Savings (PDF).

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