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The foundations of sustainability are strong and visible at Macalester.  We have a record of environmental stewardship on campus, curricular innovation around sustainability, and deep student engagement around environmental and social justice themes.  We also have many committed faculty and staff, and a strong civic engagement office that, through community connections in classes, research, off-campus work study, co-curricular activities (internships, volunteer work, etc.) and other collaborations, creates new connections for sustainability learning in and with the community. 

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Take a look at what we’ve accomplished:

Accomplishments Overview (pdf)                                            Awards (pdf)
Cost Savings (pdf)                                                                         Carbon Neutrality (pdf)
Waste (pdf)                                                                                     Social Justice (pdf)
Water (pdf)                                                                                     Living Laboratory (pdf)
Transportation (pdf)                                                                    Health and Wellness (pdf)
Food (pdf)                                                                                       Education (pdf)
Buildings (pdf)                                                                               Landscaping (pdf)
Student Sustainability Network (pdf)

Sustainability-Related Projects Have Saved Macalester $3M

As of Sept. 2019, sustainability-related projects across campus have saved Macalester more than $3M. The projects fall into three main categories:
83.6% Energy                                         16% Paper Reduction                                           0.4% Water

More detail can be found at Sustainability-Related Cost Savings (PDF).

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