Our Goal

  • Education for Sustainable Development enables students to develop the knowledge, values, skills, and behaviors that are needed to transform society for sustainable development. All graduates will face climate change challenges regarding how our societies address urgent environmental, social, and economic issues.
  • Education is a component of all of the Sustainability Commitments signed by Macalester College. At Macalester, sustainability is included in the formal education in classes, academic internships, and study away opportunities as well as during informal education.

Sustainability Courses Macalester Offers

As a part of their “Why Sustainability is Important in Education” report for their Sustainability and the Campus class, students Zach Katz and Ariana Pooley put together a comprehensive list of every class offered at Macalester that includes a sustainability focus. This list includes classes from the Environmental Studies to Psychology departments. Respective graduation requirements are also included! The list is included in their report and can also be viewed using this document.

How the Sustainability Office Can Help Interested Faculty

  • Living Laboratory:Browse potential student projects for classes and look through previous student projects.
  • Money: The Sustainability Small Project Fund has some funding for projects that can improve the sustainability of campus.
  • Available Campus Data: See the Campus Reports and Campus Data pages.
  • Campus Tours: The Sustainability Office staff often gives tours of campus. Possible tours include a campus sustainability walking tour, a Markim Hall Green Building Tour, and  Sustainable Landscaping tour.
  • Email to schedule a tour.