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Composting at Macalester

Composting keeps waste from entering a landfill or being incinerated. Landfill items break down and release methane gas, having a greater greenhouse gas impact on our atmosphere, where composting does not produce methane. The compost Macalester produces is picked up by our waste hauler and brought to the Mulch Store in Empire Township.

What is Compostable?

  • All food scraps
  • Napkins, paper towels, tissues
  • Paper plates, cups and food containers
  • Paper bags and waxed paper (fast food wraps, etc.)
  • Coffee grounds, filters, and tea bags
  • Pizza boxes
  • Any dishware (plates, cups, silverware etc) with a BPI compostable logo

What is Not Compostable?

  • Chip bags and candy wrappers
  • Gum
  • Poly-lined cups and dishes
  • Condiment packets
  • Any plastic without a BPI compostable logo

Check out the Zero Waste A to Z Quick Sorting Index for more information about recycling some of the things that are not compostable.

Who Composts?

Labeled compost bins accompany the trash and recycling almost everywhere on the Macalester campus: in dorms, throughout academic buildings, and outside at building entrances. Bon Appétit, who runs Macalester’s dining services, is committed to using compostables when reusables aren’t an option. Whether buying something at one of their retail locations on campus or catering with them, all of their single-use products are compostable. (Here’s more about their policy on disposables.) Also, Macalester College Student Government only buys compostable dishware with their funds.

How to Order Compostable Dishes?

Request dishware using the Compostable Dishware Order Form for any size event.