Updates for WGSS Alumni

Zoe Kross ‘22Lab Coordinator at Interdisciplinary Affective Science Lab at Northeastern University. Project: looking at MRI scans during menstrual cycles to see how hormone fluctuations can affect memory recollection and one’s overall mood. WGSS and Neuroscience major and Biology minor.

Natalie Kaplan ’17MSW Program at St. Catherine University, Behavior Interventionist at the Twin Cities German Immersion School. WGSS and German major.

Kate D. Gallagher ‘16Fund Development Specialist at Minnesota Jewish Community Center. WGSS major and Psychology minor.

Ariel Estrella ’15 – Ph.D. student at Cornell University. Development Associate at National Domestic Workers Alliance. WGSS and English major and American Studies minor.

Hannah Trivilino ’15 – Graduate Fellow in Merrimack College’s Higher Education Program (concentration in Student Affairs). Served as the Teaching and Program Assistant for Merrimack’s undergraduate Women’s and Gender Studies department. WGSS major and American Studies, Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science, and Media Studies minor.

Chris DiCesare ’15 – MA in Communication and Rhetorical Studies at Syracuse University.

Nola Pastor ’14Violence Prevention Program Manager at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The critical lens and intersectional values that were so important to me in my WGSS major are deeply tied to the work I do on a daily basis – as well as to my ongoing commitments to practice love and justice in my personal life. WGSS major and Hispanic and Latin American Studies minor.

Stacey Murrell ’13 – Ph.D. program in History at Brown University. Educational Studies, Political Science, and History major.

Gary Charles Kilian ’13 – Ph.D. program in Philosophy at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Instructor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Hopes to include WGSS in all of his future endeavors. WGSS, French, and International Studies major.

Sabrina Baumgartner ’13 – Research and Evaluation Analyst at CAI (Cicatelli Associates Inc). Worked at Tubman Family Crisis & Support Services in Minneapolis, MN. WGSS Community & Global Health (Concentration) major, Biology minor.

Myriah Myers ’13 – Licensing Specialist at Minnesota Board of Cosmetologists. She worked at Hunger Solutions, MN as Minnesota Food Helpline Associate. WGSS major and English minor.

Emily Pripas ’13 – Rabbinical Student at Hebrew College. Worked as a Marketing Outreach Specialist at AmeriCorps at VISTA. WGSS major and Psychology minor.

Sophie Schwadron ’13 – Kindergarten Teacher at Murch Elementary School. Worked in D.C. at a communications internship with a healthcare organization. In the long run, she wants to save enough capital to build her own business. WGSS major.

Emma Cohen ’12MEd from Harvard. Associate Prevention & Response Specialist at Tufts University, Health and Safety Professional. WGSS major and History minor.

Madeleine Brown ‘11Medical School Graduate from A.T. Still University in Kirksville, Missouri, First Year Resident at Samaritan Family Medicine Residency in Corvallis, Oregon. After graduating from Mac, Madeleine moved to NYC and worked at the Museum of Sex before finding her way back to her home state of Washington. She started working at a hospital in Seattle and volunteering at Planned Parenthood, which sparked an interest in healthcare and prompted her to begin the journey to medical school. WGSS major.

Holly Evans ’11 – She is working on a farm in Tennessee and hoping to have a farm of her own one day, to practice sustainable agriculture. WGSS major and Religious Studies minor.

Kyera Singleton ’11 – Ph.D. program in American Culture at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.   She is studied  ‘Black women’s bodies and diasporas’. Currently American Democracy Fellow at Charles Warren Center for Studies in American History. WGSS and American Studies major.

Emily Schorr Lesnick ’11 MA from NYU. Anti-Racist Education. Currently working as the Social Emotional Learning Coordinator at University Prep. After graduating from Mac, I moved back to New York and worked as a theater teacher at Riverdale Country School in the Bronx. I love working with middle and high school students to embody the kind of world they wish to live in. In addition to classroom teaching, I worked as the Upper School Director of Service Learning and the Assistant Director of Community Engagement, which means I get to push our institution to prioritize equity and justice both on-campus and off-campus. I still perform comedy in New York, which connects to my WGSS senior capstone on gender and improv dynamics! My partner and I also co-created How We GLOW, a piece of interview theater that explores lgbtq+ youth identity. The play has traveled to over 25 schools and community centers in New York, Minnesota (including Mac!), and even in Ireland. In my work, I am reminded of the words of Audre Lorde, [that]  ‘There is no thing as a single-issue struggle because we do not live single-issue lives.’While my work may seem disparate at times, I find nourishment and congruence in engaging in community and struggling towards justice. WGSS and American Studies major and History minor.

Bobbi Gass ’10 – Currently the Community Health Specialist at Hennepin County. Worked as the PrideAlive health education coordinator at Minnesota AIDS Project. WGSS major.

Alexandra Zoellner ’10 – Lobbyist for Government Affairs at Planned Parenthood. Worked at the Family Tree Clinic. WGSS and Sociology major.

Kayoua Vang ’09 – Masters in Social Work at the University of Michigan with concentrations in Management of Human Services, Community & Social Systems, and Social Policy and Evaluation. Director of Social Services at Life Care Centers of America. WGSS and Psychology major.

Emily Gastineau ’09 – Program Manager and Commissioned Writer on Performance at Mn Artists. Is a choreographer, performer, writer, and arts organizer. She performs nationally and internationally as part of the performance duo Fire Drill, and works at the Walker Art Center as Program Manager of Mn Artists. DAS Choreography master’s program at Amsterdam University of the Arts. WGSS major and Dance minor.

Elizabeth Newman ’07 – Master of Public Policy from the University of Southern California. Workplace Policy & Legislative Analyst at San Francisco Department on the Status of Women and analyzes, drafts, and advocates for policy and legislation, directs programs, and conducts research. WGSS and Sociology major.

Delaney Keyes Voeller ’04 – MA in Family Therapy and a master’s certificate in School Counseling. She worked for a variety of non-profits in the Twin Cities and Mexico before completing her MA and worked as a school counselor at an American school in Ecuador. WGSS major and History and Psychology minor.

Nicole Forbes ‘04JD at Northeastern University School of Law, Deputy General Counsel at G-P/Globalization Partners. Global employment lawyer, global employment industry expert. WGSS and Political Science major.

Melita Kyriakou ’01 – BA from Lenoir-Rhyne College. Senior Consultant at Christianson PLLP. Environmental Consulting/ Sustainability Expert. WGSS major.

Jessica K. Taft ’00 – Professor of Latin American and Latinx Studies at the University of California Santa Cruz. WGSS major and Sociology and Philosophy minor.

Katie Barrett Wiik ’00 – Doctor of Law from Harvard Law School. Partner, Appellate and Litigation Attorney at Best & Flannegan LLP. WGSS and Communication Studies major and Political Science minor.

Holly Elwood ’90 – MS from Johns Hopkins. Senior Advisor, Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Program, US EPA. WGSS and Political Science major.