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Sonju Project at Macalester College

The Sonju Project is a semester-long project for students in the Petrology course at Macalester College.
  The Sonju Lake Intrusion is a small intrusion in northern Minnesota that was emplaced during the formation of the Midcontinent Rift about 1.1 Ga. Students utilize petrography, mineral chemistry, whole-rock chemistry, and numerical modeling to study the origin and evolution of the Sonju Lake Intrusion.

Regional Geology A brief overview of the geology of the Keweenawan (1.1 Ga) Midcontinent Rift System with an emphasis on the North Shore region of Minnesota
Sonju Maps
Maps (topographic & geologic) of the Sonju Lake Intrusion and Finland Granophyre
Sonju Lithostratigraphy
A stratigraphic column through the intrusion showing sample locations
Photographs of hand specimens and thin-sections from the Sonju Lake Intrusion
Geochemical Data
Mineral (SEM) and whole-rock (XRF) data
Project Materials & Info
Forms, charts, and useful links for students
Information for Faculty
Background information about the project and the petrology course at Macalester College