Gary Charles Kilian '13 will be pursuing a PhD at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in French and Italian, and hopes to include WGSS in all of his future endeavors.

Sabrina Baumgartner ’13 majored in WGSS and also a concentration in Community & Global Health and a minor in Biology.  She is working at Tubman Family Crisis & Support Services in Minneapolis, MN.   

Myriah Myers '13 majored in WGSS with an English minor. She is working at Hunger Solutions, MN as Minnesota Food Helpline Associate.

Emily Pripas '13 is a Marketing Outreach Specialist at AmeriCorps at VISTA.

Sophie Schwadron '13 is heading back to DC and working a few jobs, including a communications internship with a health care organization. In the long run she wants to save enough capital to build her own business.

Emma Cohen '12 is starting a one-year internship at the Museum of Modern Art in Community and Access Programs. The museum has tours and art-making activities for the visually impaired, the developmentally disabled, and people with dementia. Emma will be coordinating the tours, assisting with activities, and working as a gallery guide.

Emily Schorr Lesnick '11 is a comedian and substitute teacher.  Her writing has been featured
on Splitsider, Funny Not Slutty, The Mary Sue,, Guffaw MN, LilVeggiePatch, and Hello Giggles. Follow her on Twitter@ESchorrLesnick.

Holly Evans '11 majored in WGSS with a Religious Studies minor. She is working on a farm in Tennessee and hoping to have a farm of her own one-day, to practice sustainable agriculture.

Kyera Singleton '11 is a graduate student at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.   She is studying  ‘Black women’s bodies and diasporas’ in the American culture doctoral program.

Bobbi Gass '10 is a PrideAlive health education coordinator at Minnesota AIDS Project.

Alexandra Zoellner '10 works at the Family Tree Clinic.

Kayoua Vang '09 completed Masters in Social Work at University of Michigan with concentrations in Management of Human Services, Community & Social Systems, and Social Policy and Evaluation.

Sarah Welch '09 lives in Seattle, WA and works for Americorps.