Spring 2019 Capstones

Toan Thanh Doan ’19, “Yearning for Post-Colonial Dance”.
Caelin Eisenberg ’19 . “The Dirty Double Stigma: Exploring What It Means to Be Queer and Living with an STD/STI”.
Jo Ireland ’19. “‘I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman:’ Women’s Empowerment From Reclaiming Lolita to Producing the Sexy Baby”.
Halley Norman ’19, “Are You For Real?: Exploring Different Understandings of Ally Relationships”.

Spring 2016 Capstones

Taylor Fitzgerald ’16 “Queer Im/materialities: Spirituality, Religion, and Identity in Pagan Practices”.

Spring 2015 Capstones

Christopher DiCesare ’15 “Queer(y)ing Coyle: Brian Coyle’s Archive and the Politics of Queer History”.
Kate Gallagher ’16
“The Elevator is Broken Again: Navigating Disability Accommodation, Accessibility, and Usability in the Ivory Tower”.
Ariel Estrella ’15
“Red Room, Big House: E L James’ Fifty Shades and the Praxis of a Neoliberal Domestic”.
Zoya Haroon ’15
“(Re)constructing the Hybrid: negotiating transcultural South Asian women’s subjectivity”.
Hannah Trivilino ’15 “
Pretty Little Panopticon Resisters: Normalization of Neoliberal Surveillance in ABC Family’s Little Liars”.

Spring 2014 Capstones

Nola Pastor ’14 “Beyond Consent: Exploring Sexual Violence Prevention at Macalester Through a Framework of Sexual Subjectivity and Sexual Ethics”.
Emily Granada ’14 “Undressing Sexual Agency: A Reimaging of Strip Club Power Dynamics”.
Raynise Cange ’14 “What is a revolution?: Redefining Performance to Hear Blaqck Women’s Voices”.

Spring 2013 Capstones

Sabrina Baumgartner ’13 ”Identity and Access to Supportive Services for Victims and Survivors of Domestic Violence”.
Myriah Myers ‘13 “Interpellations:
 Poetry of and from the Body”.
Emily Pripas ‘13 “Desire and Assimilation: (Post)Feminist Jewish Identity”.
Henrie Slocum ’13 “Dismantling the Factory Society: Contesting Work and Combating Patriarchy”.
Sophie Schwadron ’13 “Minding my Business: Capitalism and the Feminist Workplace”.