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Community and Connection Programs

Applications for three optional programs, Ametrica, Lives of Commitment, and MentorUP, will open in late May and are due June 18, 2024. Each program is unique in its goals and commitment level. Students who are selected to participate find that the programs contribute to a sense of belonging and overall success at college.

Program Descriptions


Ametrica promotes dialogue, intercultural sensitivity, and friendship between domestic and international first-year, transfer, and exchange students. Ametricans (both international and domestic) participate in Pre-Orientation for International Students, which takes place before New Student Orientation, and attend weekly group meetings and occasional off-campus activities. Required weekly meetings are centered around small group conversations on a range of topics; examples include family, peace, current events, law and order, economics, health, race, and love. Participants are assigned a peer mentor as an additional link to the Macalester and International Student Programs communities. Ametrica ends in early November.
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Lives of Commitment

Lives of Commitment is for students wanting to engage with communities off campus in the broader Twin Cities while building a strong community in campus with other first years who are passionate about creating social change. Students volunteer weekly in small groups teaching English to immigrants and refugees or tutoring youth. Participants gather regularly for meaningful dialogue about their community work and to explore their larger life commitments through group dinners and smaller reflection circles.  
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MentorUP Program for Students with Disabilities 

Macalester Disability Services is excited to offer a mentoring program (Mentor UP) specifically for first and second year students with disabilities who would like to connect with an experienced student who also identifies as disabled. Mentees receive communication and/or meet on a regular basis with mentors to explore ways to access both on and off campus resources and participate in MentorUP programming!
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