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College roommates at Mac

College is a time to form relationships that bring you joy, comfort, challenges, support, and motivation. It’s all part of the learning experience that will help shape your future. And your college roommates will be part of that adventure.

Real Talk with Roomies

Listen to Allison share her advice on having the best roommate experience possible. It’s all about communication. She also talks about her sophomore Eco House experience.

Riley talks about her residential First Year Course and the friendship that grew from a good pairing. It was a bond that started with a shared appreciation for spreadsheets and being on time.

Hear Spandan talk about his multiple roommates and how their varied backgrounds and interests created a multicultural and international experience right in his room!

Frannie had a great roommate, but appreciated meeting other people without the pressure to be best friends with her roomie.  

Abby was happy that other athletes and her residence hall RA immediately made her feel at home. Hear how she went from living in an introvert’s recharging room to hosting a hangout room.

Katie reminisces about the camaraderie between her second year roommates, shining a light on Room Draw and the family-like atmosphere that can develop in residence halls.

For Ousseynou, his roommate transformed into a friend, then a brother.  His roomie story highlights how making new friends and connecting to others can be one of the best parts of Residential Life.

Traci Julia Jesse Macalester
Let’s go

Campus Spotlights

Roommates are only some of the people you’ll meet. Jesse, Traci, and Julia take you across campus, answering common questions about campus life, including academic and extracurricular endeavors. There’s so much to do and see – on campus and in the Twin Cities.

Discover the Mac Community

There are a million ways – last time we counted – to connect with the Mac community. Student organizations, civic engagement, athletics, activism, and your own ideas create the opportunities to find others who inspire and guide you.