In the Campus Center, we are committed to helping foster and cultivate inclusive and communal spaces and programs. We believe that shared goals around learning, comradery, and community help enhance the student experience at Macalester, contribute to wellbeing, and create a lasting connection to the college.

We help build community in our building and across our campus in both formal and informal ways. We do this in three main ways: providing space, forging partnerships, and hosting programming.

  • The Campus Center provides formal and informal space to departments, student organizations, and individuals. Whether it’s putting tables together in the McPherson Atrium to work on a group project, lounging on one of our new couches, or pulling up an extra chair to join your friends during lunch, we know how important it is to have a comfortable space to kick back on campus. We also provide the physical space to host events from structured meetings all the way to a full-band concert in The Loch.
  • We enjoy working with various departments, student organizations, and individual students at Macalester, forming partnerships to enhance their specific programming. We’re ready to work together to help make your programming a success: we’ll help support you from getting a new event off the ground to setting up a display on our Gallery Wall. For registered student organizations, if you host your event in the Campus Center, you can apply for a Partners in Programming subsidy to help fund your event up to $500.
  • The Campus Center also hosts its own set of programming – everything from brain games, billiards tournaments, late-night programs, dances, and more. Our student staff help develop and run many of these programs, ensuring that what we’re sponsoring is fit for our audience.


You can view our events on the Student Affairs events calendar below!