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Student Employment

There are many student employment positions available in CSLE! As supervisors, we work to ensure that our student employees are able to develop and thrive in a work environment that allows them to be supported, positively challenged, and seen as “students first.” For some students, their on-campus job may be the first job they’ve had or the second or third job they’ve had – no matter what level our student employees enter our team with, we strive to help each student grow, gain leadership skills and understand the importance of their role to our campus.

 Student Employment opportunities within CSLE include:

  • Campus Center Manager Team: Campus Center Managers support the day-to-day operation of the Campus Center by staffing the building open to close and set up and support events that happen within the building.  In addition, this team also staffs the Information Desk and responds to day-to-day 
  • Communications Assistant: The Promotions & Publicity Coordinator is focused on helping promote the various events, programs, and services available in CSLE. This role will help ensure that programs & services of the Campus Center feel supported in the promotion of their activities and that reliable, consistent, and timely updates are happening across department social media and other campus platforms. This role will actively produce branded content for the department that is consistent with the style guide and effectively ensures the necessary messaging is understood by the target audience.
  • Office Desk Assistants: The Office Desk Assistant is a student position with duties focusing on general office reception duties, student org support, and other  routine administrative tasks during CSLE scheduled hours of operation.
  • Open Pantry Associate: The Open Pantry Operations Associate focus on supporting the day-to-day operations of Open Pantry within the Campus Center and making recommendations for long-term planning. Open Pantry is available for any Macalester student experiencing food insecurity to use to help support themselves. This team will be essential in helping Open Pantry meet its goals of providing for students experiencing food insecurity or inaccessibility, creating a warm and welcoming environment, and working with campus partners to help eliminate food pantry stigma that exists on all campuses. 
  • Outdoor Gear Manager: The Outdoor Gear Manager staffs and manages the Outdoor Gear Room.  Duties include checking out equipment (tents, backpacks, sleeping bags, etc.) and managing inventory in the space.  The Manager also trains students on safe and proper use of equipment and creates outdoor education programming.
  • Programming Assistant: Programming Assistants are focused on furthering the cultural, educational, social, and recreational needs of the Macalester student body while helping develop and foster community inside of the Campus Center. This team will help assist in planning and supporting 4-6 recurring activities per month within the Campus Center and assist with larger departmental programs such as Orientation, Welcome Week, Senior Week, etc. This team will be essential in ensuring programming and activities are led by students for students and that there are multiple types of activities in the Campus Center that cater to everyone. 
  • Student Leadership Assistants: The Student Leadership Assistants (SLAs) work to create and support leadership development programs and workshops on campus. Potential projects include but are not limited to: building and facilitating leadership development workshops and curricula, creating and executing events and/or campaigns to demystify leadership in creative ways and explore and implement alternative avenues for student leadership recognition.

If you are interested in working on our student staff team, please visit the Macalester College Student Employment site to apply for currently open positions.