Joining a student group is a great way to get involved on campus! Being a member in a student organization provides opportunities for community engagement, leadership development, and building connections around shared passions and interests.

Explore student organizations

Student organizations reflect the diverse interests of our students and range in focus from academic, recreational, performance, cultural, religious, service, and everything in between! Explore the 100+ student organizations available on campus—no matter your interest, there’s something for you! Browse the student organization directory

Starting a new student organization

The Student Organizations Committee (SOC) of MCSG works closely with students to register new student organizations. Learn more about starting your own student group at Mac!

Student organization resources

Refer to our student organization resources page for more information about policies, procedures, and tools related to managing student organizations at Mac. 

Advising and support

The Office of Student Leadership and Engagement provides advising to all student organizations by offering trainings, workshops, and individualized support throughout the year.  Learn more about advising and support for student organizations