Campus Operations delivers quality event support services while providing meaningful educational opportunities through employment.


  • Provide space, service and guidance in event planning and support to promote student learning, engagement, and inclusion.
  • Serve as the living room and gathering space for the Macalester campus.
  • Be receptive and responsive to changing/diverse needs of Macalester students and the campus community.
  • Generate revenue for the College through Conference & Facility Rentals that align with the mission of institution.
  • Core Values

    • Co-curricular Development: Provide students with programs, events and experiences that complement the mission, values, and learning goals of the College.
    • Student Growth and Learning: Offer students opportunities to obtain the self-awareness, confidence, and skills needed to live full, authentic lives.
    • Service and Support: Serve as a resource for the Macalester community in the planning and implementation of events that enhance students’ college experience and contribute to a dynamic campus life.
    • Community and Connection: Create a welcoming, inclusive environment for intentional engagement and meaningful interactions between students, their peers, Macalester faculty and staff, and the broader community.


Student Leadership Opportunities

Orientation Coordinator  Application- Coming Soon

Orientation Leader Application- Coming Soon

Macward Bound Coordinator  Application- Due February 8, 2019

Macward Bound Leader Application- Due February 18, 2019

Upcoming Events

February 2, 2019- Mac@Nite

February 8, 2019- Dance

March 2, 2019- Mac@Nite

March 9, 2019- Dance

April 20, 2019- Mac@Nite

April 26, 2019- Dance

May 3, 2019- Mac@Nite