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LGBTQIA+ Resources

Career Exploration assists Macalester students in navigating your career options, including questions of if, when, and how you choose to disclose (as part of a search or after being hired).

Should I come out on resume or in an interview?

Coming out on a resume or in a job interview is a personal choice. Career Exploration offers confidential consultation to help you identify and navigate the path which feels most appropriate.

  • By listing involvement, leadership, and affiliations with LGBTQIA+ organizations on your resume, you are sharing your values. Organizations who share your values can view your involvement with appreciation for your shared vision.
  • While very regrettable, it is important to note that some employers could be unsupportive. It’s also possible the initial person screening your resume may be unsupportive, but the organization as a whole is much more welcoming.
  • Based on what you’ve disclosed on your resume, determine how to talk about those experiences in an interview as they relate to the position. Anticipate the questions you might get and practice your answers (but remember, asking questions related to identity is unlawful in a job interview).
  • An interview is also a good time to find out more about the organization’s policies. When you can, ask the human resources representative about diversity training at the organization, gender-affirming health care, or nondiscrimination policies. Or, wait to ask the human resources representative after you have been offered a position.


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