The mission of Macalester College's Civic Engagement Center (CEC) is to prepare students for engaged citizenship and effective civic leadership. Mac students are passionate about issues and want to be positive change agents in the world.

We would like to know what interests YOU, so we can plan accordingly. What are YOU passionate about? How will YOU get involved this year? Let us know!

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There are multiple ways the Civic Engagement Center can help you get involved in our community. Would you like to...

  • participate in community-based learning through a class?
  • learn how to get grant funds for community projects?
  • learn about tours or other ways to explore and learn about the Twin Cities?
  • volunteer in a specific area?
    This is the place to let us know!

Community-Based Learning
Incorporate community-based learning into your academic work by applying the knowledge and tools gained in the classroom to issues affecting local communities and to issues that are of significant public interest.

Action Fund
Learn more about the Action Fund - grants awarded to Mac students to initiate a new community project or strengthen existing community programs. Application deadlines in Fall and Spring.

Off-Campus Student Employment
Learn how you can earn your work-study at a local school or nonprofit and attend a monthly training workshop. Applications for this program are available in January for the UPCOMING Fall.

Exploring the Twin Cities
Whether you want to volunteer or learn about on-campus events and opportunities, please indicate your area(s) of interest here. A student issue-based organizer will reply.

Arts for Social Change
Combine your interest in the arts with your efforts for social justice and personal expression. The Twin Cities have many nonprofits that engage arts issues; you could volunteer at one of these organizations or join other students to educate our campus about the transformative power of art.

Host campus visits for local schools and youth organizations - answer questions about what it's like to go to Macalester and general questions about being a college student. Volunteer with local College Access non-profits to help prepare and coach others about how to apply for college.

The issues of poverty, food, housing and homelessness are multi-faceted. Volunteer opportunities with nonprofits in this area range from working with adults, families and youth, and include direct service and policy. You can also help plan programs and events during Macalester's Hunger and Homelessness Week.

Engage with sites that work on issues of sustainable living and environment - a strong area with many opportunities to contribute! Learn about on- and off-campus events and forums and throughout the year; help plan and promote Macalester's Earth Week events.

Participate in service efforts around health care, AIDS, Senior Citizens, mental health, and disabilities. Opportunities include working with local nonprofits and area hospitals and helping with campus events around World AIDS Day, the Blood Drive and Mental Health Awareness Week.

Volunteer with nonprofits that are working with diverse immigrant and refugee communities in the Twin Cities. Participate in trainings and information sessions on topics such as literacy issues and the experiences of immigrants and refugees in the Twin Cities.

Engage with local Spanish-speaking communities by volunteering at local centers such as Casa de Esperanza Centro or providing English language instruction at community sites like El Colegio.

Youth and Tutoring
Volunteer with local schools and children's programs; participate in monthly trainings in literacy, education, and children's issues; help plan and promote children's events on campus.


Visit our office - Markim Hall, third Floor. We'll be happy to provide you with information on the numerous ways to connect with the dynamic urban environment of the Twin Cities.