Assistant Professor NTT of the Classical Mediterranean and Middle East
Arabic, Comparative Literature, English and Arabic Translation


Wessam Elmeligi, visiting assistant professor, has a PhD from the University of Alexandria in Egypt, studied at the University of Edinburgh, and was a Fulbright Scholar twice. He was chair of the languages department at Alexandria University, and helped establish the translation programs at Pharos University, the Arab Maritime Academy, and Filière des Langues Appliquées. He also taught at the Applied Linguistics Graduate Institute, and the Middlebury College study abroad program in the Middle East before coming to Macalester. Professor Elmeligi is the core of Macalester’s Arabic language program and helped develop the January in Egypt course. He teaches topics courses in English, such as Frenemies: The Caliphate; Byzantine Empire; and Rhyming Worlds: Hebrew and Arabic Poetry in Translation. His research interests focus on comparative Middle Eastern and Western literature and range from Pre-Islamic to modern literature and art.