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How are Accommodations Implemented?

Providing reasonable accommodations to students with disabilities is an important part of our responsibility as an academic institution, and creates inclusivity for students overall. Universal Design in Learning (UDL) can address many barriers, but accommodations may still be requested.

Arranging for accommodations is a cooperative “interactive process” involving the student, the Center for Disability Resources, and faculty.  Students have to verify the existence of a disability that significantly impacts major life activities in the academic setting via our office prior to accommodations being approved. 

Accommodations should not fundamentally alter essential elements or expected performance levels. If you have concerns about how accommodations impact your course,  please talk with us! Likewise, if you believe that you can provide accommodation in a manner that is superior to what has been requested, we’d like to know. 

How do Faculty Provide Accommodations?

Faculty are often the first point of contact for students who seek accommodations. You can assist in this process by the following:

1. In your syllabus, include a statement about classroom accommodations for students with disabilities.  Examples are listed under the Syllabus portion of this site. 

2. Announce to your students on the first day of class how they can receive accommodations and should communicate with you privately.  Meetings are always the preferred way for this communication if time allows. 

3. Review the accommodation/Faculty Notification Letter.   This letter is provided to you from Disability Resources and outlines the specifics of a student’s accommodations.

4. Reach out to the student and let them know you’ve received an accommodation letter and want to discuss how accommodations will fit into your course.   This may include: when you want to be notified about an extension,  how to coordinate testing or classroom flexibility.  The accommodation process is intended to be one of interaction and individualized consideration.

5. Connect with Disability Resources! If you have a question or concern about how to implement accommodations, let us know.

We are here to support your work with students!