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Testing Accommodations: Using Moodle/AIM

Faculty will receive notification from Disability Resources if a student requires alternative testing as an accommodation.   Faculty can provide testing accommodations as long as accommodations required can be carried out successfully.  We encourage faculty to communicate directly regarding testing early in the course.

Macalester uses to the Accommodation Information Management (AIM) online system to manage testing requests.   Access to this system is a link on Faculty Notification Letter provided by Disability Resources or the AIM link at 1600 Grand.

How does this work?

  • Please discuss with the student how testing will be provided for the course. 
  • Will faculty provide accommodations online or in person OR
  • Schedule with the Disability Resources (instructions below). 
  • Timely completion of this process is important so students can request exams in a timely way.  We appreciate one week’s notice. 

Frequently asked Testing Questions

What if I don’t receive an email notification from the Disability Resources? 

Please go back and check your email.  There should be a link sent to you that allows you to access alternative testing agreements.  If you can’t find this information, contact Disability Resources. 

What if I have questions about an exam or how to navigate the AIM system? 

Contact [email protected]  for testing questions.  We can assist with testing concerns or system problems. 

A student didn’t show up or canceled/changed an exam due to reported disability impacts. What do I do?   

Re-takes of exams are at the discretion of the instructor; we strongly encourage faculty to discuss any retakes and under what conditions re-takes are provided when discussing accommodations. In some cases, re-takes of exams may not be possible but options (dropping one exam, alternative assignments) may also be reasonable.